Case Study

Kraft Canada

Kraft Canada

The finance organization of Kraft Canada decided to create a three-day leadership academy for its entire organization of 120 finance professionals to increase their skills and understanding of complex technical and financial subject matter.

The Objectives

  • To train Kraft financial subject matter experts in how to develop complex content into training modules for the academy
  • To train the financial subject matter experts to deliver the content to their colleagues by engaging them in the learning process

The Process

  • Assessed the needs of both the trainers and their potential audiences
  • Designed and delivered two train-the-trainer workshops — the first to train the Kraft financial subject matter experts in designing training and the second to train them to deliver the training, including stand-up practice sessions
  • Coached the subject matter experts in between the sessions to strengthen the design of their training module
  • Developed a full-length business case to be delivered at the leadership academy

The Results

The leadership academy received exceptionally high feedback from the participants.
Finance professionals now regard being selected to be a trainer in the academy as an honour and a career opportunity.
The program was so successful we were invited back for two more years to continue the train-the-trainer program.

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