Three Simple Change Management Truths

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What guarantees low adoption rates and diminished return on technology investment for organizations? Under-engineering the change management on a major implementation. Discover the change management practices every organization needs to follow when implementing an ERP or major technology and how to gain high adoption rates at go-live to guarantee return on investment.

The Shoemaker’s Children: Lessons Learned in HR Technology Change Management

60% of technology implementations fail due to the human aspect of change management. Discover why technology change is so difficult for organizations and the common challenges faced when implementing an HRMS arm, as well as the blueprint and 5-points to success every organization needs for this important strategic initiative.

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Icebreakers for Virtual Meetings: Strong Starts to Increase Connection and Productivity

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There’s been so much change and disruption for you, your business and your people and we at HR Transformations wanted to do something that might help you and your leaders in a small way. So, we’ve leveraged our core capability of facilitation and created a quick, mini virtual training video on a skill we can all use now!

Measuring and Tracking Organizational Change

When implementing any type of organizational change, it’s critical that you create and implement measures to understand how the change is impacting the organization. In this webinar, using real-world examples, we will discuss the types of measures your change management initiative should focus on, as well as when to create them and what to do with them.

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How do you create meaningful change that endures?

Our team of consultants are ready to share what we’ve learned guiding clients through hundreds of change management engagements. Put our experience to work for you.