Improving Organization Performance by Design

All organizations are perfectly designed to achieve exactly the results they are achieving. If you want to see better or different results, we can help.

First, we assess your current Organization design, including your Organization culture, structure, tasks and roles, decision-making processes, people and leadership competencies, information flow and rewards systems. Then, we collaborate with you in the re-design of your organization to achieve your desired outcomes. Finally, we create an action plan that serves as your roadmap for implementing a new Organization design that is sustainable and supports your goals.

We work with you to effectively:

Assess The Organization

Understanding the weaknesses in your organization design is the first step in achieving a new, better design. There’s no more second-guessing with our proprietary Organization Health Assessment (OHA) approach that asks all the right questions to accurately analyze your organization’s current design.

Shift The Culture

Every organization has its own culture with its own unwritten rules of behaviour. Implementing a major change may require a corresponding shift in your organization’s culture. But how do you change people’s behaviour? We can help you make the shift. First, we help you identify your vision for your renewed culture. Next, we create a map of your current culture and, finally, we devise a plan for bridging the gap.

Develop A Mission, Values and Strategy

Is your organization unfocused? Are your employees or even your leadership team slow to make decisions, seemingly working at cross-purposes, creating silos and letting their interpersonal issues get in the way of teamwork? Your organization may lack a clear mission, vision, values or strategy. We facilitate processes to help you create a common purpose, focus and plan, so you can proactively determine your organization’s future.

Align Process To Structure

Is your organization undergoing a structural change? There’s always the risk that you’ll make inadvertent changes to your processes along the way. Structural change is an opportunity to revisit the design of your processes, improve them and ensure they are fully aligned with your new structure. We work with you, engaging with relevant stakeholders in business process design, while maintaining a high-level focus on the end-customer of the process.

Whatever your needs, our multi-talented team is ready to help with any aspect of your design, or the entire project.

Developing the Competency of Change Management

Organizational change happens as a result of meaningful and sustained change in individual and group behaviour. Our curriculum of workshops empowers leaders, project members, change management practitioners and employees with the skills they need to plan, lead, manage, adapt and thrive throughout the organizational change lifecycle. Using our BluePrint for Change© model and proven tools, we take a structured and practical approach to help organizations create a common approach to managing change and establish change management as a discipline. We ensure that participants at every level adopt, support and assimilate change for lasting success.

How do you create meaningful change that endures?

Our team of consultants are ready to share what we’ve learned guiding clients through hundreds of change management engagements. Put our experience to work for you.