Three Simple Truths for Change Management in ERP/Technology Implementation Results

What guarantees low adoption rates and diminished return on technology investment for organizations?  Under-engineering the change management on a major implementation. Sadly, this is a common practice in organizations today – one that is never set up for success. Top performing projects take a different approach and we’ll show you how.

Discover the change management practices every organization needs to follow when implementing an ERP or major technology. We’ll show you how to gain high adoption rates at go-live to guarantee return on investment.

You’ll learn about the:

    • Three simple truths that deliver results accompanied by real world examples
    • Five-point approach to set your implementation up for change success
    • How to customize a change management plan designed to avoid common pitfalls, support adoption and enable success


Dana Dramnitzke

Partner and Consultant HR Transformations

Tammy Sturge

Partner and Principal HR Transformations