Case Study

Provincial Government Agency


After the introduction in 2009 of new legislation with widespread impact, a branch of a regulatory agency retained us to help them meet new legislative requirements. We led the creation of a change management plan required for the re-organization, which included creating a plan to successfully transition employees from their current functional team roles to new multidisciplinary teams.

The Objectives

  • To implement a new organizational structure, roles and processes to meet the current legislative requirements
  • To do so with minimal disruption to the agency’s employees and ongoing business

The Process

  • Led the creation of a mission and vision for the regulatory agency branch
  • Facilitated the creation of a change management plan, including a communication plan
  • Mapped critical processes
  • Created an organizational training and development plan to enable employees to acquire the new competencies required

The Results

The agency’s organizational structure now supports compliance with the new legislation.
There was no interruption in the agency’s business when the re-organization occurred.
Staff was successfully re-deployed to their roles in the organization and the vast majority of staff was retained.

One year after the new structure was implemented, the client invited us to return and facilitate a series of employee focus groups and management meetings to understand the elements of the change that had been successful, and what further actions were required in order to ensure that all of the re-structuring objectives were achieved.

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