Creating Training for Major Technology Implementations: A Primer for Employee Confidence and Skill.

Creating an approach to training for tech implementations is complex to wade through, especially given the typically multiple and diverse audiences requiring training. If you’re interested in learning the elements of a training strategy for your implementation, the details of a planning process and how to develop strong training for technology implementations, this complimentary showcase is for you.

Webinar: Three Simple Truths for Change Management in ERP/Technology Implementation Results

What guarantees low adoption rates and diminished return on technology investment for organizations? Under-engineering the change management on a major implementation. Discover the change management practices every organization needs to follow when implementing an ERP or major technology and how to gain high adoption rates at go-live to guarantee return on investment.

Change Management Training Showcase

HR Transformations has developed a curriculum of change leadership and change management training intended to help organizations develop the competency at the leadership management, project and employee levels. Interactive and insightful — this showcase is a must for any organization with change on the horizon.